Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday something or other....26th?

Hi guys...sorry i havent posted this's been pretty busy.

Um, my brain is so full that im mostly taking notes and hoping things will sink in when i get back. I can't even remember what we did on Monday........

Yesterday was about creating power through lateral movements, so, sideways basically. On tuesday....erm...i can't even remember that! Oh well, you can have a look at my notes when i get back!

We had our last campfire with Pat and Tim last night. It was really good fun, and Tim is going to try and arrange coming to the UK next year, and come up to Scotland after the conference. That would be very cool, and a lot of fun!

Tonight i am going to pack! Tomorrow night we as a group are going out for a goodbye party type thing! It's sad but i am so looking forward to coming home!

Anyway, i'm gonna scoot is about lead changes :-) I just need to stay awake!!!!!! Not getting very much sleep atm..... 5-6 hours?!

Take care everyone, see you sooooooon!


Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday 20th

So, sorry i haven't posted for a days have been pretty full!

Tuesday was all about fluidity. We also looked at the 8 responsibilities in the classroom, and about how fluidity was part of our responsibility. Pat and Caton came along with the dogs, and Caton did an awesome awesome fluidity demo with his horse. Pat was basically telling him what to do...flying lead changes, slide stops, spins etc etc. That was very very cool to watch.

Wednesday was jumping day! We jumped 4ft jumps! I'm kidding. We jumped very small jumps, and only at the walk! We had a classroom session, then a demo with a few people on the ground and ridden, and how we can create motivation to jump. We also had another campfire that night, and Pat came along for a bit again.

Thursday was about Leadership and the parelli formula...Rapport, respect, impulsion, flexion. We also looked at the elements of change, and what we had to go through as a person to be able to change. Finally we took note of what makes a successful student. We also did some cool things on the seat builders this week. I've had a tough time being able to round my back, and i finally got it, and we've been doing excercises at the same time to be able to multitask.

Last night Tim Sullivan was playing at a bar in town, so a big group of us ended up down there and had a really fun night dancing away. I had to dance to avoid the risk of old rather creepy men asking me to dance...:-s A couple of the girls had been asked and i knew i couldn't do it, so i found friends to dance with!

Today's topic was bits and bit savvy! We also looked at the fluid rein, and had an interesting simulation and session on the seatbuilders playing with that.

Yesterday afternoon has been the best day so far! I rode Dusty bareback and bridleless in a pen, and we got halt-canter-halt transitions, with a half spin to set off in the other direction. It was light and i didn't even have to touch the string round his neck. After that we did some chilling out, munching grass. Then we went out for a trail ride. Avery asked me along. There were only 3 others on the ride, and we did mostly trotting, and lots of uphill, downhill, transitions...everything. I cantered downhill and it felt awesome! yesterday was just a brilliant day.

There's been problems on the ranch the past few days...there's a virus going round... It began at Pat's barn, and everyone was sick for 24 it's got up here and at least 15 people have been or are very ill....So i've been taking boatloads of herbal pill things to try and boost my immune system so that i don't get whatever it is.

Tomorrow a few of us are going on a hike to find some natural hot springs...i.e. ones we dont have to pay for. And on Sunday 6 of us are going rafting!!! I can't wait. Some people are off to the Denver tour stop, but i'd prefer to hang out with my friends here. It kinda seems wierd that the only way we see Pat and Linda is to drive for 6 hours to see them at a tour stop! But oh well.

I think that's everything for this week....

Take care ya'll, keep it natural!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday 19th

Hi guys!

This is just a quick post to say don't worry....i'm still alive, and will get round to posting something tomorrow lunchtime! Or later tonight, i'm not sure. We're heading out to hear Tim Sullivan play in town.

It's been an awesome week, and it's gone so fast yet again!

Anyway, i'll tell you everything later!


Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday 16th

Hey everybody!

On friday afternoon i just got Dusty out and went for a little wander around, then jumped on and rode bareback. Julia asked me if i had ridden bridleless yet, to which i replied 'no'. I walked into the roundpen, took off his halter, and had an awesome ride. Everything was there, it was very very nice. After that i did my forward roll off the back of him which lots of people thought was cool.

On Saturday i had a very lucky opportunity to go spectate a clinic about 30 mins from here. It was my first time seeing him, and most probably my last. Ray Hunt was teaching colt starting, horsemanship and cow working. I stayed all day saturday. It was wonderful listening to him, and trying to take in everything he said, as i'm sure every word meant something! It was a shame about the people he was teaching though, but nevermind. They had no idea, and that's not their fault, but i felt it was a real waste of Ray's knowledge, because the majority of people there will go home, think it was a good clinic and never learn from it. Saying that, 'You can't blame the blind for not seeing.' They will see it's all part of the journey!

We went to see a movie in town on Saturday night called Made of Honor. It was very funny. Half the film was set in Scotland though, which made me a bit homesick. They spoke with a proper scottish accent at times, and i cracked up laughing on my own in the cinema until someone translated it in the movie!!! That was funny.

Sunday morning was spent at the! Meanwhile, the newbies turned up-only 11 this time. Orientation was at 3, so a few of us went to play with our horses and the pond before that. I sent Dusty in at liberty....after he ran off once...:-p I then hopped on bareback and bridleless, checked out my basics, then went riding in the pond. I got soaked up to my knees, but it was great fun. Don't worry mum i had my trainers on.....i didn't ruin my boots. There are some cool pictures which i hope people will send in emails or whatever.

Oh, and something else. A lady turned up on Friday, whose name is Ally(well that's the shortened version) She is a high level dressage rider from Costa Rica, and has come to spend the last 2 weeks with us. After that she will spend 2 weeks riding with Pat. She is a lovely lady, and is a lot of fun too. She's working on her L2 right now, but we watched a couple of video's of her riding and she's a great rider.

Anyway, food calls now! It's lunchtime!

Take care, xxxx

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday 13th

Hiiiii guys!

Well we're at the end of course 2!!!! This past 2 weeks has gone SO fast!

Yesterday we had tournaments in the morning. It started off with a faculty tournament, which was great fun. It was really really good to see!

After that we did student tournaments. They were really good too. It was good for me, because it brought my competetive side up but i was able to think about my horse rather than the winning or getting the task done.

Oh, on wednesday night, we had Tim Sullivan, who is a local musician/entertainer come to the campfire and play guitar and sing. There is a picture on the video of the fluidity 1 course of him. He was very good!

Thursday afternoon we went for a big trail ride which was awesome. Really good fun and beautiful scenery too.

Today was finale day.....sad day again. But, before we broke for lunch, the faculty gave us a demo of what they are playing with with their horses, which was really brilliant. It was a real inspiration and got everyone really fired up. Terra and Trevor roped the mechanical cow, John rode one horse bridleless and drove another in front of him with long lines, and Avery played with A Kiss and A Hug whilst riding A Kiss. It was sooooooo awesome!

Elle xxxx

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday 11th

Yesterday turned out to be Spooky Silhouettes day, not trail riding! It was fun. We watched a demo in the morning where Berin dragged a mechanical cow and got people to follow it with their horses. He did this again in a workshop that was running during the afternoon. We also played the matador game during a workshop. Basically, the faculty members were helping us to improve our HQ disengage and direct rein. If you were around at Lyla's course, then you'll remember the task.

Last night, 6 of us decided to go make a campfire somewhere out in the wilderness. It was great fun! We sat and talked, and had a fire, and we ate things called Smores, which are very yummy. It's like crackers with melted marshmallow and chocolate inbetween.

Today's theme is bridleless riding! Avery gave an awesome demo with her horse 'A Kiss' It's amazing what such a big horse is capable of! He is huge in all directions!!!! This afternoon there are lots of different workshops which we can go to, and at the end of the day there is a trail ride, depending on which stage you are at....Control, Confidence or Competence.

Oh i almost forgot.....Yesterday we were doing trail riding simulations in the morning, and while the whole group was busy, a few people noticed Pat and Linda turn up on their horses. Linda was on Allure, and Pat was on a new horse of his called Savvy. She is from the Atwood ranch, and she's beautiful! They also had a special guest, who's name is Julie Crone. She was a jockey and was the only female jockey to be admitted into the hall of fame! Impressive. She won $91 million from her years of racing! Then she met Pat and is helping him to turn around the world of racing! She was riding Smart Seven!

So that was very cool! Oh and Kristi is back. She went away for a while for her daughters graduation, but she's back now! Yay!

Tonight we have campfire, with Pat, Tim Sullivan and Katie Drake. However, the wind is still pretty rough. Let's hope it drops!

That's it for today!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday 10th

Well, yesterday was ribs day! No we didn't eat ribs for dinner, though that would have fitted quite well!

We looked at how ribs help us or prevent us from moving in certain ways, and how to help our horse become as flexible on one side as the other, and ourselves too!!! I found it difficult with Dusty to get sideways motion...i think that's a LB thing. I'm so used to Lorraine moving sideways so easily.

I watched a fascinating session with Trevor and Julie(from England). She's never saddled a horse before and the horse she leased from Texas is pretty unconfident. So, Trevor spent a long time building up to the saddling, by first improving Julie's rope/pad/saddle skills and also desensitising the horse. It was awesome to watch! In the end, she managed to saddle her horse by herself! Brilliant!

In the evening Katie Drake came and did a small performance in the lodge, which was really cool. She's a great singer, and like all of the people here, very genuine and friendly.

No more bear sightings for now, but Charity(a room mate of mine) and I sat and watched a deer outside of our cabin for about 20 mins last night. We shone the torch through the window and watched. That was pretty cool.

I think today is trail riding day, but i'm not entirely sure! I guess i will find out in a little while.